Pull Carrot Set Montessori Toys
Pull Carrot Set Montessori Toys
Pull Carrot Set Montessori Toys
Pull Carrot Set Montessori Toys
Pull Carrot Set Montessori Toys
Pull Carrot Set Montessori Toys

Pull Carrot Set Montessori Toys

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Baby Montessori Toys - Educational Colorful Shape Toy Pull Carrot Set

How to Play: Radish Lianliankan

  1. Setup:

    • Plant radishes and two rabbits in the farmer's field.
  2. Gameplay:

    • Players take turns pulling out radishes (two at a time).
    • If the pulled radishes are the same, the player keeps them.
    • If different, radishes go back into the ground, and no points are earned.
    • If a rabbit radish is pulled, bury all previously obtained radishes.

How to Play: Radish Solitaire

  1. Gameplay:
    • Player pulls out the first radish, noting its color and shape.
    • Pull out a radish matching the previous one to earn points.
    • Different radishes go back in the ground for the next player.
    • Player with the most radishes wins.

How to Play: Caterpillar Invasion

  1. Setup:

    • Apply caterpillar stickers to 6 radishes.
  2. Gameplay:

    • Players take turns pulling radishes.
    • Count points after all radishes are pulled.
    • Caterpillar radish: 0 points, Normal radish: 1 point, Rabbit radish: 2 points.

How to Play: Kitchen Helper

  1. Setup:

    • Draw a random question card (8 in total).
  2. Gameplay:

    • Players race to find the ingredients needed on the question card.
    • The first player to complete the card wins.

These games provide a fun and educational experience for toddlers, promoting skills such as counting, memory, and shape recognition. Enjoy the interactive and engaging playtime with your child!

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